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2023 DEAF FEST Entertainers

Justin Loncar known as somedeafguy, is a Deaf comedian from Youngstown, Ohio. He creates educational videos with humor to show everyday life as a Deaf person. He has over 1 million followers on his social media platforms and continues to grow in success.  His passion is traveling all over to perform his comedy, and he loves to make both Deaf and Hearing audiences laugh.

Sandro Hatibović is known as a DEAF comedian, social media influencer, and content creator. 

Sandro started his career as a stand-up comedian, videographer and editor after posting comedy videos on the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, which eventually caught traction and currently have over 200K subscribers!

He also loves to travel! He enjoys meeting and greeting people from all over the world. His goal is to make everyone laugh, and because of this, laughter is the best medicine!"

For over 40 years, Steve Weiner, a public school teacher for Deaf and hard of hearing children, has entertained at birthday parties, holiday parties, childcare, museums, school events, including Schools for the Deaf, universities, summer camps, galas, etc. Steve loves to engage in 50-minute, high-energy performances with lots of delighted spectators and audience participation. Even adults who are present at the shows, whether they are parents, family, and friends, love the performance as much seeing the children’s faces glow for 50-minutes. There’s nothing scary in Steve’s shows, but everything is geared towards comedy and fun tricks he has collected for the past 40+ years, but only its best are used during the shows.

Mr. Weiner received his Bachelors in Business Administration, May 1991. During his undergraduate years at UMass, Steve was a member of the varsity rowing team where he and his crew finished as silver medalists at The New England Rowing Championship for two consecutive years, 1989-1990. From 1988-1991, Steve was appointed as the team treasurer. Mr. Weiner was also awarded The Senior Leadership Award at the university. Following graduation, Mr. Weiner performed various jobs within the business sector, including a year as a bank teller, followed by working in sales for a year. Steve then was employed 8 years as an annuity specialist at New England Annuities, Boston.  Mr. Weiner left the business sector in 1998 to pursue graduate studies in Education of the Deaf at Boston University where he received his master’s degree, May 2000. Since graduation, Steve taught mathematics to middle school deaf and hard of hearing students in Boston, MA, where he and another Deaf magician spearheaded a magic club for students. Mr. Weiner also teaches American Sign Language for undergraduate students at a local university.

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